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Om­niFo­cus 3 A FLEX­I­BLE, POW­ER­FUL TASK MAN­AGER Free with IAP | om­n­i­

WHAT DO YOU need to do to­day? Are all your pro­jects on track? Om­niFo­cus an­swers these ques­tions and many more be­sides, but then so would Wun­derlist, and that’s the prob­lem. At $30.99 for the Stan­dard edi­tion and $46.99 for the Pro, Om­niFo­cus is eas­ily one of the more ex­pen­sive iOS apps. Is it worth it?

Om­niFo­cus’ power lies in the way it slices and dices your data. Tasks can be tagged, put into pro­jects and given due dates. You can mark which tools they’ll re­quire, where they should be per­formed, and even how mo­ti­vated you need to be to tackle each one.

The more of this meta­data you add, the bet­ter Om­niFo­cus per­forms. So, when we found our­selves with 15 min­utes to spare we fil­tered out any longer jobs and those for which we didn’t have the nec­es­sary tools to hand. If we were by the phone, we could switch to our tagged calls; when on­line, our emails. Om­niFo­cus helps us fill the oth­er­wise wasted pock­ets of our work­day — and you don’t need to fill many to start re­coup­ing the cost; par­tic­u­larly not if you work for your­self.

Your tasks feed into a home screen with four key views: pro­jects, tags, flagged jobs and any­thing that needs to be done close to your cur­rent lo­ca­tion. These are ‘Per­spec­tives’, the name that’s given to the app’s sort­ing and fil­ter­ing fea­tures. You can build your own by com­bin­ing tags, du­ra­tions, dates and so on, and save them for easy ac­cess, but this can only be done if you’re us­ing the Pro edi­tion. Pro also lets you cus­tom­ize the side­bar, but oth­er­wise its fea­ture set mir­rors the Stan­dard build.

Which­ever ver­sion you de­cide to buy syncs your data be­tween your iOS de­vices, but sync­ing with a Mac re­quires a sep­a­rate pur­chase. Ver­sion 3 for macOS is in the works, but buy ver­sion 2 to­day and you’ll get a free up­grade when it’s re­leased. 14-day tri­als of the Mac edi­tion are avail­able from the Om­n­i­Group site, and the iOS ver­sions don’t re­quire pay­ment — in the form of an IAP — dur­ing the first two weeks’ use. Used in the right way, it can make you more pro­duc­tive. [ NIK RAWLINSON ]


PDF VIEWER, DE­SPITE its name, does a great deal more than just al­low you to view PDFs on your phone. You can annotate and comment on PDFs, sign them, fill in forms, and even per­form some ba­sic edit­ing functions.

The Pro ver­sion adds a few ex­tra fea­tures for a fee ($16.99 for a year), al­low­ing you to annotate JPEGs and PNG files, pass­word pro­tect PDFs, com­bine mul­ti­ple doc­u­ments into one, and re­ply to notes that oth­ers have made.

PDFs can be im­ported from email, from a cloud stor­age ser­vice like Drop­box or iCloud, or via your smart­phone’s file app. Once open, PDFs are search­able, and you can book­mark them or cre­ate a ta­ble of con­tents. An­no­tat­ing PDFs is sur­pris­ingly easy, and you can have mul­ti­ple PDFs open at once due to the tabbed in­ter­face.

There are plenty of cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions too, from a choice of themes, to choos­ing how to dis­play and nav­i­gate mul­ti­page PDFs, and even how pen marks and high­lights will work. It’s a real plea­sure to use. [ KENNY HEMPHILL ]


ALTHOUGH VIDEO GAMES were a sta­ple of my youth, I have lit­tle in­ter­est in them as an adult. Most are overly com­pli­cated com­pared to the clas­sics, and cause fam­ily stress as kids hound par­ents for vir­tual cur­rency to feed their lat­est ad­dic­tion.

While not tech­ni­cally a video game, El­e­vate is the cure for those suf­fer­ing from Fort­nite fa­tigue. Us­ing play­ful graph­ics and a bar­rage of brain games, this app chal­lenges play­ers to hone their skills and be­come a bet­ter, more in­tel­li­gent per­son every time they use it.

Every day, El­e­vate presents a hand­ful of men­tal work­outs de­signed to sharpen your mind. Ex­er­cises are tai­lored to the user, based upon your an­swers to a pre-signup in­tro­duc­tory quiz. The app was smart enough to iden­tify strengths at read­ing and writ­ing, and picked up that math is our Kryp­tonite.

The app is com­prised of more than 35 games, each care­fully de­signed to tickle a par­tic­u­lar cog­ni­tive skill like com­pre­hen­sion, pre­ci­sion, mem­ory, and fo­cus. Aside from five daily chal­lenges, play­ers can bone up with in­di­vid­ual writ­ing, speak­ing, read­ing, or math ac­tiv­i­ties.

Like most games, you un­lock achieve­ments as you go, and El­e­vate ranks ac­tiv­ity and

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