Beasts of Bal­ance

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LIKE A CROSS be­tween Tower Bloxx and Sky­lan­ders, Beasts of Bal­ance is a es­sen­tially a build­ing blocks board game with a dig­i­tal com­po­nent that plays out on your tablet, smart­phone or Ap­ple TV.

The ob­ject of the game is sim­ple: play­ers take on the role of Divine Cre­ator, a job which in­volves stack­ing up un­usu­ally-shaped plas­tic blocks into tow­ers, with blocks rep­re­sent­ing a va­ri­ety of arte­facts and an­i­mals. As their tow­ers grow, so does each player’s score. All of this stack­ing ac­tion takes place on a plinth that has a dig­i­tal scan­ner built into it, al­low­ing play­ers to log their pieces in the app be­fore plac­ing them.

The fun comes in the crazy hy­brid crea­tures that play­ers are able to con­coct on their smart de­vices by match­ing cer­tain an­i­mal and arte­fact pieces. De­pend­ing on the pieces you place, your an­i­mals will evolve into higher, stranger life­forms, which will in turn add to your over­all score. By lay­ing down a cross piece to cre­ate a lev­elled out plat­form, you will also have the op­por­tu­nity to cross-breed new types of beasts — cross a Tou­can with an Oc­to­pus and now you have an Oc­tou­can!

There’s a real joy in see­ing a new species brought to dig­i­tal life on your smart de­vice, and a gen­uine feel­ing of re­morse when one of your moves causes one of your cre­ations to be­come en­dan­gered or die. Mir­a­cle arte­facts add an ad­di­tional level of strat­egy to the game, and can add a huge num­ber or bonus points if placed at an op­por­tune mo­ment.

Easy to get into but de­cep­tively deep, Beasts of Bal­ance takes the board game to the next evo­lu­tion­ary level.


BEASTS OF BAL­ANCE $149.95 beast­sof­bal­ CRIT­I­CAL SPECS Play­ers: 1-5; Ages: 7+; Play­time: 15-30 min­utes per game; De­vice com­pat­i­bil­ity: iOS 10.0 or later/ An­droid 5.1 or later

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