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In nearly every way - apart from their size, cost, and bat­tery - these two fines are pretty much iden­ti­cal. They run the same A12 Bionic chip, and bench­mark very close to one an­other; they fea­ture the same 12MP rear cam­era with a se­condary tele­photo lens, and the same 7MP front cam­era. They run the same OS, with the same fea­tures, and de­sign wise, they share the same aes­thetic, come in the same three colours (Sil­ver, Space Grey, and Gold) the now fa­mil­iar notch, and both boast im­proved speak­ers that are louder than their pre­de­ces­sors, and of­fer stereo func­tion­al­ity.

Whether that makes a real dif­fer­ence in this form fac­tor is a lit­tle be­side the point, but they both cer­tainly sound very good.

So let’s drill into what sets them apart.


We ran the same bat­tery test that we put all phones through: a Full HD video run at full bright­ness for 90 min­utes. The iPhone XS scored very close to the iPhone X from last year, drop­ping to 89% (where the X man­aged 90%).

This is ex­cel­lent again, as usu­ally we’re used to see­ing hand­sets lose around 20%, and more LCD-based iPhones eas­ily drop 25%, so the OLED tech seems to be very ef­fi­cient.


In terms of the price, the good (ish) news is that it hasn’t risen over last year’s in­cred­i­bly ex­pen­sive iPhone X, with the 64GB iPhone XS price com­ing in at $1,629. The 256GB iPhone XS price is$1,879, and the 512GB iPhone XS costs $2,199.

That said, while the cost of ri­val smart­phones has been go­ing up, the iPhone XS is still go­ing to be one of the most costly phones you can buy (apart from the iPhone XS Max, which car­ries the eye-wa­ter­ing price tag of$1,799 for the cheap­est op­tion).


Out of the two, which should you buy?

Both are re­ally quite ex­pen­sive phones, to be hon­est, but if the mod­est price dif­fer­ence isn’t an is­sue, we’d sug­gest go­ing with the Max, purely for that ex­tra screen real es­tate. Whether your brows­ing the web, catch­ing up on Face­book, or con­sum­ing any kind of me­dia, it is the more plea­sur­able op­tion.

But if you pre­fer the more com­pact op­tion, there’s cer­tainly noth­ing wrong with the XS.

IPHONE XS 64GB, $1629; 256GB, $1879; 512GB, $2199 www.ap­ple.com/au CRIT­I­CAL SPECS A12 Bionic CPU, 4GB mem­ory, 5.8in screen, 2,436 x 1,125, 2,688 x 1,242 res­o­lu­tion, 2,658 mAh bat­tery, 143.6 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.7 mm, 177 grams, iOS 12.

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