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DELETE YOUR SO­CIAL LIFE IN BULK. Free | Most of us don’t want our en­tire lives in the pub­lic eye, yet we’ve all prob­a­bly got stuff up on Face­book that we re­gret. While it’s pos­si­ble to delete posts from the so­cial me­dia plat­form, you need to do so in­di­vid­u­ally, mak­ing it a time-con­sum­ing chore. So if you’ve got a bunch of drunken posts from way back when that you want to get rid of, you’ll need So­cial Book Post Man­ager. This Chrome plugin gives you the abil­ity to delete mul­ti­ple posts at once, although you will need to give it per­mis­sion to “read and change your data”, de­spite most of us not want­ing to share any­thing with third par­ties. If you’re will­ing to do that, how­ever, all you need to do is open Face­book, then click on the plugin’s icon and add in some pa­ram­e­ters. It takes a lit­tle while if you’ve been over­ac­tive on­line, but So­cial Book Post Man­ager will dig through your ac­tiv­ity feed to find con­tent match­ing your pa­ram­e­ters. You can then se­lect the of­fend­ing ones, and ei­ther delete or pri­va­tise in bulk by hit­ting the ‘con­fir­ma­tion’ but­ton on top of the page.

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