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SAVE AS YOU TYPE. Free | ty­p­i­ore­cov­ery.github.io While most ap­pli­ca­tions you use on­line re­mind you to save your work be­fore clos­ing it, it’s still pos­si­ble to lose ev­ery­thing you’ve done if you’ve suf­fered a com­puter crash. And it feels worse when you’re in the mid­dle of fill­ing in an on­line form with mul­ti­ple com­pli­cated fields, like when ap­ply­ing for a travel visa or fill­ing a job ap­pli­ca­tion. But Typio Form Re­cov­ery, a Chrome ex­ten­sion, can save you the agony of hav­ing to start from scratch. Once in­stalled, be sure to head to the Op­tions pane and cus­tomise the set­tings to your lik­ing, where you can also dis­able the green stripe that ap­pears on forms as you type to in­di­cate Typio is sav­ing new text. To re­cover any lost work, you can just click on the blue icon and choose Re­cov­ery. That will bring up a data list that’s been stored in the plugin. Hit the Re­store but­ton and the text gets filled au­to­mat­i­cally in the cor­re­spond­ing fields. But rest as­sured that all data is stored lo­cally on your ma­chine and not with Typio, and you can dis­able it for so­cial me­dia sites or any oth­ers that re­quire a pass­word or credit card de­tails.

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