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THE ADEPTUS MECHANICUS are, in many ways, the per­fect en­cap­su­la­tion of what Warhammer 40,000 is about, a bizarre gothic fu­sion of tech­nol­ogy and re­li­gion. Mechanicus trans­lates this un­usual fac­tion into a turn based tac­tics game, and does so won­der­fully, ooz­ing char­ac­ter from ev­ery pore.

The story is framed by a group of high­rank­ing tech priests who are con­stantly de­bat­ing each mis­sion. They’re all won­der­fully quirky char­ac­ters: Scaevola has re­moved so much of their hu­man­ity they new speak en­tirely in equa­tions, and they’re ex­cited to re­cover alien tech­nol­ogy, while the de­vout Videx be­lieves ig­no­rance is strength and any­thing out­side the Im­pe­rial dogma must be de­stroyed.

There’s no such thing as cover, which makes com­bat fast and lethal, ini­tially for the tech priests and then later, after a few up­grades, for the Ne­crons. Com­bat re­volves around a cur­rency called cog­ni­tion, which can be earned by scan­ning obelisks and corpses, as well as lots of other meth­ods, and can be spent on things like ex­tra move­ment or more pow­er­ful ac­tions.

An ac­tu­ally GOOD 40K game is pretty rare...

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