My boy cured by Coke!

Doc­tors had an un­usual pre­scrip­tion for Matix

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Kristin Stan­ton, 31, Nor­man Gar­dens, Qld

What’s in your mouth?’ I asked my two-year-old son Matix. I’d turned my back for a sec­ond to talk to his brother, Bai­ley, 10.

‘I ate it all!’ he gig­gled. ‘What? Spit it out!’ I said. ‘I think he swal­lowed my shell,’ Bai­ley said. ‘I can’t find it.’

‘A shell?’ I ex­claimed.

Matix seemed fine, but I whisked him to hos­pi­tal just in case. An X-ray showed Bai­ley was right.

‘We’ve lo­cated the shell, and it’s large,’ a sur­geon said. ‘It’s 3.9cm by 0.8mm and sit­ting at the en­trance to his stom­ach.’ I was stunned.

‘We’ll mon­i­tor him overnight and sur­gi­cally re­trieve it to­mor­row via his throat,’ he added.

But the next morn­ing, the sur­geon was wor­ried the shell’s sharp ends could per­fo­rate my boy’s or­gans if it moved dur­ing surgery.

‘So is there an al­ter­na­tive?’ I asked.

‘Give him Coke to drink,’ he replied. ‘Coke?’ I said, hor­ri­fied at the idea.

My hubby Dean, 31, and I never gave Matix soft drinks.

‘The acids in it should dis­solve the shell a lit­tle,’ the sur­geon ex­plained.

The idea was Matix would pass the re­mains of the shell, or the Coke would erode the sharp edges and make it safe to op­er­ate.

‘If he starts to vomit, com­plains of pain, or if there’s any un­ex­plained bleed­ing, bring him straight back,’ he added.

Matix was given break­fast to make sure food was get­ting past the shell.

We went home, pick­ing up some Coke on the way.

Pour­ing a glass, I felt aw­ful giv­ing him the sug­ary cola.

‘Drink this medicine dar­ling,’ I told him.

‘Mmm,’ he said, think­ing it was the best medicine ever.

Telling my friend Nat, 45, she said she knew some­one who’d been told to dis­solve some meat stuck in his throat by drink­ing Coke.

‘The paramedics said warm Coke works best,’ she said.

So, I started giv­ing Matix room-tem­per­a­ture Coke – 100ml, three times a day.

High on sugar, he be­came pretty hy­per­ac­tive!

A week later, we re­turned to hos­pi­tal for an­other X-ray.

‘The shell’s gone,’ smiled the doc­tor. ‘The Coke’s com­pletely dis­solved it.’

‘That’s won­der­ful!’ I said, giv­ing Matix a big hug.

I’m so re­lieved the bizarre cure saved Matix from surgery. Now, he knows only food goes in his mouth!

‘I think he swal­lowed my shell’

Lit­tle Matix thought it was the best medicine ever!

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