Keep Your Kids Safe

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• Don’t have any se­crets. If your child feels un­com­fort­able, they should feel that they can tell you. • Name body parts prop­erly. • Never force a child to kiss or hug some­one. They’ll be con­di­tioned to do what they’re told, no mat­ter what. • For­get the no­tion that strangers are the pri­mary per­pe­tra­tors.

• If your child sud­denly keeps se­crets, doesn’t want to talk about a par­tic­u­lar per­son, or shows overtly sex­u­alised be­hav­iour in play, there is a chance they might have been abused.

• If you sus­pect this, don’t ask ‘has some­one touched you?’ or prob­ing ques­tions your­self. Try to re­main calm and call the po­lice who will guide you. For sup­port, call 1800 272 831 (Aus) or 0800 883 300 (NZ).

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