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Write the an­swers to the clues into the grid in a clock­wise spi­ral start­ing at num­ber 1, where the ar­row points you in the right di­rec­tion. The fi­nal let­ter of ev­ery an­swer be­comes the first let­ter of the next. When the puz­zle is com­plete, the let­ters in the lilac squares, read­ing di­ag­o­nally down, will re­veal a word. Write this word on the en­try coupon and you could be a win­ner.


1 Curved moon shape (8)

2 In­dus­try that is based on the move­ments of hol­i­day-go­ers (7) 3 Singer that sang Bat

Out of Hell (4,4) 4 Fur­ther ex­am­i­na­tion of a pa­tient to mon­i­tor suc­cess of a treat­ment (6-2) 5 Part of speech, such as we, he or she (7) 6 God­dess of ret­ri­bu­tion and vengeance (7) 7 In­vol­un­tary mus­cle con­trac­tion (5)

8 Ex­tinct flight­less bird that was en­demic to New Zealand (3) 9 Op­posed to, not in favour of (4)

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