Spooky Story

Paul’s ren­o­va­tions led to some ghostly go­ings-on...

that's life (Australia) - - Contents - Paul Bridg­man, 38, Cherm­side West, Qld

It’s had just one owner,’ the es­tate agent said, show­ing me around the two-bed­room 1970s unit.

‘She bought it al­most 40 years ago. As you can see, she never mod­ernised it.’

That suited me. This was my first prop­erty and it was within my bud­get.

I don’t mind do­ing a few ren­o­va­tions, I thought.

‘I’ll take it,’ I said.

Mov­ing in, I painted walls, up­dated the light fit­tings and changed the dated blinds.

From the wear and tear, I could see the old owner had loved rou­tine. Only one of the four hot plates on the stove had been used, and there was a cir­cu­lar mark on the pull-out kitchen ta­ble.

She must have al­ways put her plate here, I re­alised.

The car­pet in the main bed­room even had a worn track run­ning down the left side of the bed. Such in­sight into her life felt a bit strange.

Then some­thing weird hap­pened. Walk­ing into the kitchen, I saw the dishes

I’d left in the sink had been moved to a bench.

‘I didn’t put them there,’ I mut­tered, un­nerved.

Other things be­gan mov­ing, too. Tools I’d left in one room turned up in an­other, and an old light fit­ting I’d put in the rub­bish was taken out and moved back to the lounge room.

‘Am I go­ing mad?’ I won­dered.

Then, one af­ter­noon, I came home and had an over­whelm­ing feel­ing that some­one was in the unit.

‘Is any­one there?’ I called, slowly open­ing the door. No re­sponse. As I en­tered the unit the air felt thick and hot. It was like walk­ing through wa­ter!

Again, I no­ticed dishes had been moved and my tools were ly­ing on the lounge room floor as though some­one had been in­spect­ing them.

What was go­ing on? Sud­denly there was a creak at the front door. I spun around to find my older brother Justin, then 38, in the door­way.

‘Hey Paul, I’m here to give you a hand with the paint­ing,’ he said.

‘Thanks for com­ing,’ I replied, re­lieved I wasn’t alone any­more.

It was his first visit. Un­like me, Justin was a very spir­i­tual per­son. He’d al­ways had a ‘con­nec­tion’ with spir­its, as he called it.

‘Nice place,’ he said, look­ing around.

‘Thanks,’ I said, too em­bar­rassed to men­tion the eerie go­ings-on.

After an hour of paint­ing the ceil­ing, Justin turned to me un­prompted.

‘Did you know that the ghost of the old lady who died in this unit is still here?’ he said. ‘She hasn’t been very happy that you’ve been re­mov­ing the old fit­tings.’ My jaw hit the floor.

‘How do you know I have a ghost?’ I asked.

‘She just spoke to me,’ he replied. ‘But don’t worry, she thinks you’re do­ing a good job and tak­ing real pride in your work so she’s happy to leave you alone. She’s go­ing to go.’

I was speech­less. I hadn’t said a word!

Later that day, I spoke to a neigh­bour who con­firmed that the lady had passed away in the unit.

‘She was a bossy old lady,’ he said. ‘But mostly, she kept her­self to her­self.’

Al­though I lived there for 15 more months, I never ex­pe­ri­enced an­other spooky in­ci­dent.

Un­til then, I’d al­ways been very scep­ti­cal of other peo­ple’s ghostly ex­pe­ri­ences – but now I know bet­ter. Some­times, peo­ple just aren’t ready to leave!

A light fit­ting I’d put in the rub­bish was back in the lounge room

I bought a flat… and a ghost!

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