that's life (Australia) : 2018-12-13

Devastating : 44 : 44


ENTRY COUPON 5pm AEDT Entries to arrive by Friday Jan 4, 2019 Puzzle number All puzzles are individually numbered to make entering easy No. 1 No.39 Mazda CX-3 SUV $50 Wordoku No. 2 No.40 $100 Christmas Prawn $50 Square Up No. 3 No.41 Hand mixer $50 Tiny Cross No. 4 No.42 Coffee machine $50 End Letters No. 5 No.43 $100 Forge Fill In $80 Bonus Puzzle No. 6 No.44 $50 Scatter Word $70 Spelling Test No. 7 No.45 Weekend Getaway $100 Word Windows No. 8 No.46 Grill press $90 Bookworm No. 9 No.47 $50 Wordlinks $70 Buy a Vowel No.10 No.48 Toaster $60 Cross Maths No.11 No.49 Nutribullet $80 Word Hunt No.12 No.50 Water cooler $60 Slider No.13 No.51 $50 Hourglass $100 Letter Box No.14 No.52 $500 Letter Balloons $50 Who Am I? No.15 No.53 Pedestal fan Rainbocorns toy No.16 No.54 $1000 Riddler Board game No.17 No. 55 Pool umbrella Photo Pearls One entryper magazinepurchase. Forallonlineentries, cutoutandkeep the magazine’sbarcode asproofof purchase. No.18 No. 56 $1000 Monstercross RC Rock Crawler No.19 $150 Puzzler of the Week POST ONLINE ENTER BY No.20 $100 Arrow Word OR No.21 Camera No.22 $150 Code Cracker BY POST No.23 $80 Match Up No.24 $100 Classic Challenge No.25 $80 Word Knocker ONLINE Complete the puzzles No.26 $70 Mini Corner Fill in your details No.27 $60 Fill In type in the answers No.28 $90 Boxing Matches For enquiries, please email No.29 $100 Sudoku [email protected] No.30 Hair straightener SEE INSIDE FOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY COLLECTION STATEMENT FOR PUZZLES AND CAR PROMOTION. No.31 $500 Peacock tl! Competition No. 50 PO Box 67 Eastern Suburbs MC, NSW 2004 SEND THE WHOLE COUPON TO: No.32 Mop No.33 BBQ No.34 $50 Wreath Wheel Name No.35 $300 The Rosetta Code Street No.36 Pet dinner set Town/Suburb State No.37 Hair dryer No.38 $50 Star Letters Postcode Phone Write your answers in the spaces provided on this coupon and fill in your name and address details in the space below. Tear out the whole page and post it in for your chance to win! you’d like to submit answers and follow the for, then head to links to the online coupon for issue 50. and for the prize puzzles you wish to enter. Then press submit and your online entry is done!

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