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Living Well : 64 : 64

Living Well

The Best Christmas Gift Ever it so much that he just had to get one for me to! Well, two weeks later I don’t know how I ever survived without it… All I have to do is sit down on my nice warm seat and go to the loo, once I am nished I simply press a button and I get a warm water wash and warm air dry! Now my toileting is a time of luxury, it is the best Christmas present I have ever bloody got! Usually every Christmas I get beer, chocolates or tickets for the cricket, but this year my son surprised me completely! After a picnic in the park and a sh by the creek with my children and grandchildren, I came home and found that they had changed my toilet seat… I was gob smacked; it had a remote and everything! My son told me that this new seat would wash and dry me with just the push of a button, he said that he had purchased one for his family just last week and they loved Installs in minutes Warm water wash Warm air dryer Soft closing lid Heated seat ... and more         Fundin g option s availa ble Voted Best Bidet in the world 2 years in a row Save up to 30% o RRP* – Just quote the number below Local plumbing regulations may apply For more information or to purchase phone 1300 138 460 Quote for Discount 812TL

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