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1 Start by cut­ting out fab­ric pieces, ac­cord­ing to these mea­sure­ments (which in­clude seam al­lowance): – 84cm x 42cm piece for the main body of the bag

– 2 x 10cm x 50cm pieces for the han­dle.

2 Fold and press a 2cm hem on both the short ends of your main body piece, stitch down us­ing the sew­ing ma­chine. These 2 edges will be the open­ing of your fin­ished bag.

3 Tri­fold and press the 10cm x 50cm pan­els along the length. Us­ing a dou­ble stitch, sew along the length of the han­dle. At­tach these han­dles on the hem you just made on the in­side of the bag’s main body. These will be your bag han­dles. Top stitch to se­cure in place.

4 Fold the main body in half, right sides fac­ing, and pin both sides to­gether. Sew a 1cm seam along each side.

5 To make the square cor­ners of the bag, flat­ten the base of the bag out. Mea­sure in 5cm from the cor­ner tip and pin through both lay­ers of fab­ric. Sew a straight line across the cor­ner – your stitch line should fol­low and go through the 5cm marked po­si­tion. This will cre­ate a tri­an­gle shape as shown. The sewn line should be 10cm in length. Re­peat on the other side. This will cre­ate a 10cm base/gus­set to your bag.

6 Once both cor­ners have been sewn, turn bag in­side out and use hands to push out the cor­ners neatly. If you want you can stitch the tri­an­gle shapes down to the base of the bag or you can cut the ex­cess fab­ric off and over­lock or zigzag the seam al­lowance. Your bag is now ready for use!

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