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The an­swers to the listed clues all end with the let­ter Y. Write them into the ap­pro­pri­ate feath­ers of the pea­cock. When the puz­zle is com­plete, the let­ters in the lilac sec­tion will spell a word. For your chance to win, write this word only on the en­try coupon.


1 Truth­ful­ness, sin­cer­ity

2 Guar­an­tee, buyer’s pro­tec­tion

3 --- to Heaven, Led Zep­pelin song

4 Hov­er­ing in­sect

5 Branch of math­e­mat­ics hav­ing to do with shapes

6 Wo­ven wall hang­ing

7 Study of past events

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