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The an­swers to the clues ap­pear in the grid. The first an­swer be­gins with the let­ter next to num­ber 1, and fol­lows to let­ters in ad­ja­cent squares hor­i­zon­tally or ver­ti­cally in ei­ther di­rec­tion (but not di­ag­o­nally). Each an­swer be­gins with the last let­ter of the pre­vi­ous an­swer. We’ve num­bered a few squares for you. The left­over let­ters, be­gin­ning with the fi­nal let­ter of an­swer 13, will spell a word. Write this word on the en­try coupon.


1 Space trav­eller (9) 2 Hon­est, can­did (8) 3 Owner of a rental prop­erty (8) 4 En­er­getic, ac­tive (7) 5 Red, green or yel­low veg­etable also known as a bell pep­per (8)

6 Small, wild horse of the Amer­i­cas (7) 7 Wel­come vis­i­tor (5) 8 Pig's food and wa­ter re­cep­ta­cle (6)

9 Wax struc­ture in­side a bee­hive (9)

10 Street per­former (6) 11 Coarse, un­even (5) 12 Ex­pec­ta­tions and de­sires (5)

13 Knit­ted gar­ment worn around the neck in win­ter (5)

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