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Each of the clues has a six-let­ter an­swer. Write the an­swers clock­wise in the spa­ces around the ap­pro­pri­ate clue num­bers. Where pe­tals touch, the let­ters in the ad­join­ing tri­an­gles will be the same. We’ve an­swered one clue and placed the touch­ing let­ters in the grid to help you. The let­ters in brack­ets tell you the first let­ters of the an­swers. When the puz­zle is com­plete, the let­ters in the in­ner lilac cir­cle will spell a word. Write this word only on the en­try coupon and you could be a win­ner.


1 Sug­ges­tion (A) 2 Trem­ble with cold or fear (S)

3 Select a pref­er­ence (C) 4 Loose par­ti­cles, dust (P) 5 De­serv­ing (W) 6 Rab­bit’s home (W)

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