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• ½ x 400g packet di­ges­tive bis­cuits

• ½ cup des­ic­cated co­conut

• 125g un­salted but­ter, melted


• 2 x 85g pack­ets pineap­ple-flavoured jelly crys­tals

• 250g block cream cheese, at room tem­per­a­ture, chopped

• 300ml tub thick­ened cream, whipped

• ⅓ cup fresh pas­sion­fruit pulp

1 Grease a 24cm spring­form pan (base mea­sur­ing 22cm). Do not in­vert base. Line base with bak­ing paper. 2 Process bis­cuits and co­conut in a food pro­ces­sor un­til finely crushed. Add but­ter. Process un­til com­bined. Press evenly over base of pan. Re­frig­er­ate.

3 To make fill­ing, dis­solve jelly crys­tals in 1 cup boil­ing wa­ter in a heat­proof bowl. Stir in 1½ cups cold wa­ter. Re­serve 1 cup of jelly in a jug. Set aside at room tem­per­a­ture. Re­frig­er­ate re­main­ing jelly for about 2 hours, or un­til just set.

4 Process cream cheese and the just-set re­main­ing jelly in same, clean food pro­ces­sor un­til smooth. Trans­fer to a large bowl. Fold in whipped cream and half the pulp un­til just com­bined. Spoon over bis­cuit base. Smooth over top. Re­frig­er­ate for 1 hour.

5 Gen­tly pour re­served jelly over the top of the cheese­cake. Driz­zle with the re­main­ing pas­sion­fruit pulp. Re­frig­er­ate for 4 hours, or overnight un­til set. 6 To serve, re­move side of spring­form pan. Trans­fer to a serv­ing plate and cut cheese­cake into wedges.

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