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Looking out for ourselves and our family makes Real sense.


As a woman, you might take on many roles throughout your life; as a worker, community member, parent and financial planner for your household. But how confident do you feel that your family and loved ones would be protected if something were to go wrong?

According to the Real Insurance Family Protection Survey1, 80% of parents worry about protecting their families, and almost 9 in 10 parents feel that life insurance is important. Only 1 in 5 have cover, and they are not sure if it’s sufficient. What does this mean for women, and for families?

When was the last time you really thought about your family’s financial future, and how they’d cope if something happened to you? Whether you are partnered, single, planning a family or are part of an establishe­d family, you are likely to have people that rely on you, and who would be under strain if something were to happen to you, such as if you were to pass away or be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Recent data found there’s a significan­t underinsur­ance gap2 between what life insurance levels Australian families have and what life insurance levels they would need to maintain their current standard of living if affected by death or disability. Many women find that having adequate insurance cover can provide the peace of mind they need to secure their, and their family’s future.

If you’re a woman who does not have a partner, life insurance can help to give you peace of mind by paying a lump sum to your children, parents, siblings, or other loved ones if you were to pass away.This money can help pay for a mortgage, debts, school fees or health costs – bills that you wouldn’t want others to have to pay if the unthinkabl­e were to happen.

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