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Finally, I don’ t need a shopping LIST TO REMIND ME!

Cognitive health

- Veronica, UK

Brain nutrients from nature

Veronica lives on her own and is always in good spirit. But she began to struggle with focusing and was experienci­ng brain fog. Here is her story.

Veronica has always enjoyed living an independen­t life, being in control and making her own decisions. Enjoying a wide range of hobbies, including knitting, crochet and painting, she began to notice that there were times she felt as if she was struggling to focus on the task in hand. ‘Forgetting names, events and where I had put things, was becoming more commonplac­e,’ adds Veronica. She felt that at times she was living in a fog. ‘I couldn’t accept that there wasn’t anything I could do to help myself. I had always had a good memory and a clear brain. I wanted to be able to carry on enjoying an active and busy life.’

Nothing to lose ‘Then I saw an advert for Clear Brain™ in a magazine. I had nothing to lose, so I thought, why not give it a try? I have taken two tablets every day since November 2018; I am happy to say that I certainly feel as if my mental performanc­e is functionin­g as

normal now.’

Veronica now finds that she is now able to carry on doing what she previously did, like going to the shop’s without lists to remind her of what she needs and is confident that nutrients, ginkgo biloba, nuts and Vitamins B in the formulatio­n enhance her memory and cognitive function. For Veronica, the biggest plus is that she is now able to enjoy all her hobbies once again, her knitting, crochet and painting are all keeping her busy, ‘I am enjoying my independen­ce feeling relaxed and alert.

Thank you, Clear Brain™.’

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