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Treasured memories

Whether recalling the past, or living their best life right now, these people know the value of making memories


Randy Long had always loved his time spent coaching and watching baseball.

Some of his fondest memories were of time spent playing catch with his son and grandson.

But with them both grown up and living their own lives, Randy thought his days of practising his pitch were long gone.

Still, he couldn’t bring himself to throw away the well-worn bucket of baseballs he had in his garage, so he left them at his local batting cages along with a note.

Hope someone can use

Three generation­s together

some of these baseballs, Randy wrote.

I pitched them to my son and grandson for countless rounds.

Randy explained he’d give anything to play catch with his family again.

If you are a father, cherish these times.

Brian Robinson and his wife, Stormy, found the balls when they took their son, Carter, to the cages for some batting practice.

Randy’s note brought them both to tears and reminded them how important it is to value time with your kids.

They invited Randy to the park where the grandfathe­r was thrilled to dust off his pitching arm.

‘That a boy!’ Randy called as

Carter caught the ball.

‘Can you see the smile on my face, Carter? This is bringing back memories.’

As Brian later told

CBS News, ‘I’m sure a lot of people across the country now are realising that’s not just a bucket of balls anymore.’ ●

There was a time when Talia and Todd Savren-McCormick thought they’d never have memories of their daughter Skye growing up.

In 2016, little Skye was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonoc­ytic leukaemia just before her rst birthday.

She was incredibly sick, and Talia says if it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers, Skye wouldn’t have survived.

Hayden Hat eld Ryals’ donation of bone marrow made Skye strong enough to endure a second

bone marrow transplant in 2017, this time from Ricky Currier.

After her donation, Hayden wrote to the Savren-McCormick family through the ‘Be The Match’ donor organisati­on and they continued to exchange texts and Facebook messages.

Then, she invited the toddler to be ower girl at her June 2018 wedding, and they nally got to meet at the rehearsal.

‘I walked up and I just dropped to my knees and all I could do was smile,’ Hayden told ABC World News Tonight.

The Savren-McCormick family were also able to meet Ricky in 2019.

Talia and Todd say that Skye is now cancer-free thanks to Hayden and Ricky’s sel essness and they’re cherishing every memory they make with her.

‘Her heart beats because of you both,’

Talia said of Hayden and Ricky. ●

 ??  ?? Grandson Ethan and Randy
Randy with Carter
The dancer and her teacher
Grandson Ethan and Randy Randy with Carter The dancer and her teacher
 ??  ?? Skye was Hayden’s flower girl
Talia, Skye and Todd
Skye was Hayden’s flower girl Talia, Skye and Todd

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