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My son is out of his league

Got a problem? Let that’s life! readers help! Here’s what they had to say about this week’s dilemma


He’s still your son

Let it go and enjoy the wedding. You can’t change things and he will always be your son.

Charlotte Halley

Don’t make him choose

As the groom’s mother, you’re only responsibl­e for the rehearsal dinner. Please don’t make your son choose between you and his bride!

Diane Bailey

It’s about love

People today care more about love than social status. Perhaps her family do look down on you, but he’s marrying her, not her family. It sounds like you love your son a lot, so rather than thinking of him as punching above his weight, think of him as deserving of love. Getting married won’t make him disappear, but not trusting him might.

Delcie Berry

Make her welcome

If they don’t want help maybe buy the bride something special and gift it to her. Tell her she’s welcome in the family with much love and tell your son you love him too. It’s not about money. I am sure it will be amazing.

Larina Smith

It may not last

It’s your son’s life, let him live it. If it goes well, good. If not, then it’s a life lesson. Just enjoy the wedding.

Mark Cross

Be proud

You’re worrying before the horse has bolted, if it ever does... and

don’t put yourself down. It’s not money or status that make us good people. Hold your head high and be happy and proud of who you are.

Olive Pepper

Be thankful they care

Maybe they have spent their whole lives saving up for their daughter’s wedding. Be glad that her family care enough to make sure it will be a day to remember!

Ozzie Oswald

It’s hard to let go

Perhaps you are just having trouble letting go of your son. Accept his wife with love as I’m sure you only want your son’s happiness and she makes him happy. Trust his judgement. I’m sure you will grow to love her, if you give her a chance.

Lee Walford

Change your attitude

There is nothing wrong with your son marrying the love of his life. There is everything wrong with your attitude!

I’m guessing if the roles were reversed, you’d be accusing her of being after his money! Your son will stop coming to see you if your attitude doesn’t change. Put on a smile and dance at your son’s wedding.

Cathleen Day

Money isn’t important

I know because of the job you do that you are special. People are all equal. Don’t look down on yourself. Money isn’t who we are. If your son fell in love, this girl must have that special something.

Leeann Vidt

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