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- Linda Smith, Editor

Iwas fascinated to read our item in The Buzz this week about the most popular pet names, as compiled by Melbourne’s Lost Dogs’ Home. It turns out, Luna was the most popular choice of name for both dogs and cats adopted from the shelter. What? Not Dizzy? I chuckled to myself. I still love my own dog’s name, but clearly it hasn’t caught on. There are quite a few pet owners on the tl! team. And although there are no Lunas, it was fun hearing how everyone came up with their pets’ names. Liz’s white bundle of fluff and mischief is called Dexter, after the lead character in the TV crime show of the same name. ‘But he was a serial killer!’ we all chimed.

‘I know, I know,’ said Liz. ‘But when we got him as a puppy, Dexter was our favourite show – and he can be a bit of a criminal,’ she laughed. Mari’s son, Tas, came up with the name for their family’s mini-schnauzer, who is still feisty, at 13. ‘When we picked him up as a pup, he was silver and black,’ said Mari. On the way back, we asked Tas, then 10, to come up with a name. He said: ‘Wolfie, because he looks like a wolf,’ and that was it.’ Julia’s cat is Peter, named after Jesus’ first Apostle. A much younger Julia, who went to a Catholic school, reasoned that she then had names for the 11 other cats she hoped to have one day! Needless to say, Peter is still an only cat. For Jude, naming her adored moggy Juno was a no-brainer. ‘When I was about

12, I had a mouse called Juno who I loved,’ said Jude. ‘I was devastated when she was eaten by Beaver, the cat next door. So calling my cat Juno seemed a nice way of honouring the first Juno.’ Sometimes, of course, a pet gets a name and there’s no story behind it at all. Poor Rachel was only ever allowed a single hamster as a pet. And what did she call him? ‘Hammy! What else?’ she laughed. I’d love to hear about your pet’s name.

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