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A dummy’s guide to RASHES

We break down ve conditions and how to deal with them



This rash is often found in the folds where sweaty skin rubs together (think armpits or under your breasts) and causes irritation. In severe cases, it can lead to yeast or other bacterial growth. Avoid it by keeping these hot spots clean, cool and dry as much as possible.


An itchy condition that can strike when your skin comes into contact with an irritant

– think fragrances, detergents, certain dyes in fabrics and even jewellery. The best remedy is to take note of any changes you’ve recently made in these department­s and cease use.


This painful rash is caused by the same virus as chickenpox and often manifests as a single row of blisters on the torso. Shingles also affects your nerves so you may experience burning or shooting sensations that can last from two to six weeks, but medication can help ease the severity. There’s a vaccine available to reduce the likelihood of getting shingles.


A rash in its most sinister form, this variety is a type of breast cancer that occurs when cancer cells amass around the nipple. According to Sanjay Warrier, Associate Professor of the University of Sydney, if you have developed Paget’s disease of the breast, your nipple may have a flaky appearance with a patch of tough, crusty and potentiall­y weeping skin around it. See your GP immediatel­y.


These small, red, scaly bits of skin can rear their ugly heads after excessive sun exposure for many years. They are usually found on the hands, head or neck. There is a slight risk over time that these lesions can develop into cancer, so often they are removed as a precaution.

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