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Read the informatio­n about that’s life! puzzler Barbara and nd the highlighte­d capitalise­d words in the wordsearch grid, reading in straight lines, horizontal­ly, vertically and diagonally in either direction.

Some letters are used more than once. One of the highlighte­d words cannot be found in the grid. When you have worked out which it is, write that word only on the entry coupon for your chance to win.

BARBARA turned EIGHTY in JANUARY 2021 and lives in BELMONT, Victoria, with her HUSBAND Bryan.

In MARCH 2021 they will also be CELEBRATIN­G their 60th WEDDING anniversar­y – so 2021 is turning out to be a big YEAR in many ways! Barbara and

BRYAN have six CHILDREN, which INCLUDES two sets of TWINS! Barbara is an avid READER and could spend all her TIME in her lovely GARDEN if she was able to. She looks FORWARD to

SOLVING all the puzzles in that’s life! each WEEK and would LOVE to see herself featured in PUZZLER of the Week! The Puzzle Editors would like to wish Barbara and Bryan all the best with their milestone celebratio­ns!

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