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Logic Puzzle



Five friends each got a tattoo at the tattoo studio. Use the clues to work out who got what design, and where the tattoo was located. Read the clues and use the grid to record any informatio­n. Place a tick in a box if you have any de nite positive informatio­n and a cross for any de nite negative informatio­n. For example, you learn that Darren had a love heart tattoo, so we have placed some logical ticks and crosses in the grid to help. Using this method, you should be able to ll in the smaller grid. Work out where Barry's tattoo was located (which is the lilac space in the lower grid) and write this answer on the entry coupon.


1 Darren had a love heart designed, but not on his torso

2 The butter y tattoo did not

appear on a part of the leg 3 Barry didn’t get a tattoo on

his foot

4 Ellie got a tattoo of a

creature with wings

5 One of the guys had his

name tattooed on his hand 6 The dragon tattoo covered

someone’s upper leg

7 Alice got a tattoo of a

rainbow star

8 Charles got a tattoo on his chest, but it wasn’t of his name

 ??  ??

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