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The answer to each clue below appears in the grid.The rst answer begins with the letter next to the number 1, followinWg to an adjacent square horizontal­ly or vertically (but not diagonally). Each answer begins with the last letter of the previous answer. We’ve numbered a few squares in the grid to help you. Once complete, the leftover letters, beginning with the nal letter of answer eight, will spell a word.Write this word on the entry coupon and you could be a winner.


1 Small celestial body (8)

2 Cheek indent (6)

3 Removal or ejection, as from a

school (9)

4 Mother ---, embodiment of the

world (6)

5 Publishing executive (6)

6 Boisterous, noisy (12)

7 Piece of luggage (8)

8 Well-spoken (8)

 ??  ??

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