I didn’t get the pay rise I wanted. Should I ap­peal the de­ci­sion?

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FIRST con­sider the rea­sons you were given that your pay re­view re­quest was not ap­proved. Was it re­lat­ing to your per­for­mance, com­pany pay re­view poli­cies or cy­cles or some other rea­son? If it is some­thing out­side of you and your man­ager’s power (ie not dur­ing a pay re­view cy­cle or aligned with salary bands), you may just have to ac­cept it and de­ter­mine whether you are will­ing to stay on at the com­pany on your cur­rent salary or look for a job else­where that pays bet­ter. If you are given rea­sons re­lat­ing to your re­spon­si­bil­i­ties or per­for­mance, seek clar­i­fi­ca­tion. NOT get­ting the pay rise you want or de­serve can be ex­tremely dis­ap­point­ing and make you feel un­der­val­ued. Re­flect on the feed­back given by your man­ager. If you didn’t get any feed­back, be sure to ask for it as only then can you move for­ward. Re­view your job de­scrip­tion, as­sess ob­jec­tively whether you have achieved the out­comes re­quired by your role and whether you ex­ceeded ex­pec­ta­tions? If so, it might be a good idea to ap­peal the de­ci­sion or set a time for your next pay re­view. Be clear and con­fi­dent in ar­tic­u­lat­ing the rea­sons you be­lieve you de­serve a pay rise. IF YOUR or­gan­i­sa­tion has a trans­par­ent ap­proach to salary in­creases, with salary linked di­rectly to in­di­vid­ual and or­gan­i­sa­tional per­for­mance tar­gets, it should be rel­a­tively easy to de­cide whether it’s worth­while to have a fol­low-up con­ver­sa­tion with your man­ager. If there is lit­tle or no trans­parency as­so­ci­ated with salary re­views, you need to con­sider whether your con­tri­bu­tion is on tar­get or ahead of tar­get and clearly ar­tic­u­late the value of your con­tri­bu­tion. Also con­sider and re­search whether your ex­ist­ing salary is in line with, ahead or be­hind sim­i­lar roles in the in­dus­try. SEEK feed­back on the rea­sons for not get­ting a pay rise. Without it, it is difficult to as­sess the fair­ness of the de­ci­sion. Are the rea­sons ra­tio­nal and are you be­ing re­al­is­tic and fair in your view that you should get a pay rise? Con­sider such fac­tors as eco­nomic pres­sures, com­pany prof­itabil­ity, job losses, freeze on pay in­creases, not at­tain­ing per­for­mance tar­gets and par­ity with rel­e­vant award rates. If you be­lieve you have been very hard done by and other staff re­ceive pref­er­en­tial treat­ment for no more pro­duc­tiv­ity, then po­litely put for­ward your case us­ing ob­jec­tive and mea­sur­able ev­i­dence.

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