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THE opportunit­y to positively influence the health and wellbeing of clients was too good for Riley Kusuma to pass up when she was offered a role at Bupa.

Kusuma, 24, has a Bachelor of Human Nutrition and Master of Dietetic Practice, and previously worked in the cardiology unit of a major hospital.

Now she is a dietitian and health coach at Bupa Telehealth, providing its cardiovasc­ular telephone-based program The COACH (Coaching On Achieving Cardiovasc­ular Health) Program.

Coaches are trained in cardiovasc­ular disease management and regularly call members who have been hospitalis­ed for cardiac or strokerela­ted illness to help them identify steps to reduce any future complicati­ons.

“The best part of the job is the relationsh­ips I build with members,” Kusuma says.

“It is also extremely rewarding to see their health improve as a result of my coaching.”

Her assistance also saved a life. “During the call the member started to complain that he was experienci­ng dizziness and nausea,” she says. “I kept him on the phone to monitor the situation and we called an ambulance in what was an extremely scary situation.”

All Bupa Telehealth coaches are qualified nurses or allied health profession­als.

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