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Re­gard­ing heavy­weight towing, there is no doubt the LandCruiser ranks No.1. We de­cided on a Jeep and have no re­grets. The pur­chase price of a LandCruiser and its or­di­nary fuel econ­omy are a prob­lem. The Jeep Grand Chero­kee Laredo diesel was more than $30,000 cheaper to buy than the Toy­ota, our fuel econ­omy is also very good and towing a large car­a­van is ef­fort­less. Mick Flem­ing, email


We are big fans of Volvo SUVs, hav­ing owned an XC90 and an XC60. We are look­ing to down­size and have heard an XC40 is in the pipe­line. Any news on when this new model is to be re­leased in Aus­tralia? Mark, email Volvo Aus­tralia’s Greg Bos­nich replies: “The first new 40 Se­ries car is ex­pected to go into pro­duc­tion in 2017 and, depend­ing on ex­act tim­ing, we will see the first 40 Se­ries ve­hi­cle in Aus­tralia some six months later.”


You might need to do a lit­tle bit more re­search on tow tugs that can pull three tonnes-plus these days. I have been towing with a Jeep Grand Chero­kee for the past six years and can tell you in the parks and on the high­ways the Jeep is more pop­u­lar than a lot think and also is out­num­ber­ing the LandSnoozer. Every­one I talk to is very im­pressed. The Grand Chero­kee tows very eco­nom­i­cally and has the nec­es­sary power. I have had two Over­lands since 2011 with not one prob­lem. My mate with a LandCruiser 200 Se­ries is not a happy no­mad. I.R. Young, email I have no doubt the Jeep will do the job but I hear — of­ten — com­plaints from own­ers. What’s more, Jeep has had gi­ant prob­lems with cus­tomer dra­mas in re­cent years.


Re the dra­mas re­plac­ing Skoda wheels and the sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion for VWs. If you carry a short length of 14mm wooden dowel in the boot it be­comes a lo­cat­ing pin when re­plac­ing the wheel. Gil­bert Potts, email I re­mem­ber ex­actly the same prob­lem with my first car, a 1959 Bee­tle, which was also miss­ing studs to lo­cate the wheel cor­rectly af­ter a change.


Re chang­ing Skoda Oc­tavia wheels. I am ad­vised you don’t need to hold the

Can you fol­low-up on the con­cerns I have with a turbo lag in my Mit­subishi Chal­lenger, a 2013 auto diesel. I have con­tacted my dealer and have had no re­ply.



wheel up as the cen­tre cir­cu­lar boss holds the wheel in place while you in­sert the wheel studs. I was par­tic­u­larly con­cerned about the as­ser­tion one needs to hold the wheel up as my VW wheels are rather heavy. Robert Brown­sitch, email That is the case with the spare but not when you put the full-size wheel back on.


My hus­band is rather im­pressed with the Haval H6 and it does seem a nice ve­hi­cle. He was won­der­ing what your thoughts are on it as it seems to be new to the mar­ket. Dawn Mills, email The H6 is sur­pris­ingly un-bad and good value from $29,990 drive-away. I can’t give it The Tick yet be­cause it is un­proven in Aus­tralia.


Re the Which Car col­umn on a sedan for towing. I am sur­prised you did not men­tion the Ford Ter­ri­tory. It’s not a true sedan, of course, but is a great towing ve­hi­cle and is very sedan-like to drive. It will pull up to 2700Kg in AWD and comes with a good diesel en­gine. Roy Cot­ton, email But it’s still not a sedan, even though we rec­om­mend the Ter­ri­tory for towing, and it has also of­fi­cially fin­ished pro­duc­tion.

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