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House of the week Revisited


A uniquely renovated Glandore home has proven a hit with buyers, with last Saturday’s House of the Week generating strong interest, selling agent Paul Mayger reports. “I’m fielding a lot of inquiry on this one – the purple kitchen and the fish tank has really captured people’s attention,” he says. “On I’ve received about 30 inquiries and then I’ve probably got another 30 calls, messages and emails. We’ve had a big reaction because people have seen the editorial, and it’s been really popular with locals saying they love the house and had grown up around the corner from it, and they can’t wait to come and have a look through it. “Within the Glandore community there’s a lot of interest because it’s such a notable house and the editorial certainly put it in front of people’s eyes, that’s for sure.

“We’re getting inquiries from a mixed bag of buyers – young profession­als, and older people who are looking for something with character but love the uniqueness of the house. We’re going to open it this weekend, so I’m expecting a big turnout. With COVID lockdowns we had that extra week’s lead in time, so it’s actually worked really well.”

27 Clark Ave, Glandore

Contact agent for price

Agent: Harcourts Packham, Paul Mayger 0428 125 770. Land size: 756sqm. Offers: Close Monday, December 14 a 4pm. Open: 11am to 11.30am today.

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