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Scarboroug­h, South Africa


I guess if you’re an artist, it makes sense to be somewhere that inspires you be your creative best. For example, if you’re likely to be taken to new heights by ocean or mountain views or the sight of zebras and lions playing together peacefully, you’ll want to be somewhere where you can quickly spin that spark into artistic gold. Which is why this home in the South African coastal village of Scarboroug­h – 45 minutes from Cape Town – is perfect. Not only does it have all these features, but the five-bedroom property – owned and co-designed by a local artist – also has two spacious art studios, one of which has three-phase power for operating a kiln. Oh, and if you needed further inspiratio­n from another source, the place also features a wine cellar that’s apparently large enough to serve as another bedroom.

$1.56 million

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