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Campania, Tasmania


Are we in Tuscany, or Tasmania?

It’s hard to know.

Actually, it’s kind of easy to tell. See, the first clue was that this spread always features two properties from outside Australia, and one from within. With the other two properties being in Hawaii and Ireland, it’s a safe bet this one’s going to be local. Also, if I can direct you to the headline above this prose – up there where it says Campania, Tasmania in a left-aligned size 16 Tiempos font (look at me divulging trade secrets!) – that was your second clue. So yeah, we’re in Tasmania. But if you didn’t know, you could easily be fooled into thinking you were in Tuscany. Thankfully, I’m not that mean …

So why did this place catch my eye?

Well, it’s not simply a house. With this stunning 2006-built home you also get 50ha of land, complete with a walnut farm, an olive grove and breathtaki­ng views over the countrysid­e and Coal Valley region. Inside, the home’s got seven bedrooms that are tidier than mine, four bathrooms cleaner than mine, a 10-car garage as opposed to my singlecar jobby, a dedicated hobby room as opposed to my garden shed and stables and a tack room that far outshine the chook house I built out of old kitchen cupboard doors and scrap metal. Not that I’m comparing it to my place or anything. But if I did, it’d win. Sigh … Price not disclosed

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