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Overcoming those open for inspection blues Rental Advice

- Julie Finch-Scally

market, have a large spring clean. That will ensure that during the open for inspection period, critical areas where dust collects, such as window sills, skirting boards and kitchen cupboards only harbour surface dust. Go through each room and dust the horizontal surfaces on a Friday night – it will take the pressure off on Saturday.

Set yourself a routine for the Saturday morning. Sweep the outside areas then work on the inside. Hide the articles you use each week in the same place to help with timing and getting the house back in order. Tidy the rooms as you go. Vacuum each room, including the bathrooms and kitchen, clean the kitchen then have your shower.

In the kitchen use a microfibre glass cloth and wipe glass cleanser across all the cupboard fronts, backsplash, bench tops, oven and microwave fronts and stove top. Give the sink a clean with some cream cleanser and you will be surprised at the difference. Bathrooms can be made to look pristine on the Saturday morning by the person having the final shower. Leave a chamois or similar absorbent cloth in the vanity and, as that person leaves the shower, get them to wipe over the glass screen with the cloth. This removes the water-droplets and makes the glass shine. The same cloth can be used to wipe the sink and bath, as well as the cistern and toilet lid. To finish off, use the microfibre cloth and glass cleanser to clean the mirror.

Follow this routine every week and you will find the Saturday morning preparatio­n for inspection will not be such a hassle. Of course you will still need to keep up the regular house clean but your Saturday routine will give the property that special lift and hopefully help you jag a buyer.

Make sure the areas around the entrance are clean, the floors are vacuumed and the bathrooms and kitchens are sparkling, and your house is ready for the public. Presentati­on is one thing, but the determinin­g factor as to how long you need to repeat this weekly process for will be your price. So make sure it’s in line with where the market is.

Julie Finch-Scally is the founder of The Duster Dollies Cleaning Agency and author of The Third Oldest Profession, The A-Z of House Cleaning, Hippo Publishing

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