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So I played golf with a couple of mates the other week. Usually this turns into a dreadful outing where I hit almost every tree on the course, swear like a trooper and drill so many shots into the lip of a fairway bunker anyone would have thought it had had a crack at my wife.

But this game was different. This time I actually played well. My drives were long and straight (I learnt early on to leave the driver in the bag and play the safer option of a driving iron from the tee block), my approach shots were better than they’d been in a long time and I sank some clutch putts that really helped the scorecard.

See, that’s the thing with golf. You have your bad days and you have your good ones. We can’t be “on” all the time – there are just too many variables in play.

I think a lot of it comes down to preparatio­n. Ask any decent golfer (I’m not for a second saying I am one – just ask my mate Rowan who has seen me smash ball after ball into the rough over the years) and they’ll tell you how important it is to just be ready for the game. They’ll share things like the importance of stretching, analysing how the course is likely to play that day, formulatin­g a game plan and being mentally ready and confident to play.

It’s the same with selling your house. To blindly whack your home on a social platform and hope for the best, or to think that you might be able to get the best result with no expert help is kind of like hitting the course unprepared. You need a game plan, and in real estate that means consulting a sales agent with a proven track record of success in your suburb.

It means making sure your home is immaculate­ly presented, because first impression­s last. It means having a strong marketing campaign using both print and online advertisin­g to make sure you capture every possible buyer’s attention. And it means having a realistic price tag, because at the end of the day, taking all of the emotion out of the equation, we are simply talking a straight sales transactio­n. Just like you might baulk at the price of the $5 Magnum ice cream at the pro shop because you remember when they were $2, if someone doesn’t think your home represents value for money they’ll pass on it, too. Be ready, but be realistic. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. And now if you need me, I’ll be out on the fairway working out if that last round was a fluke or if all that chipping practice when I was meant to be writing stories during iso is actually paying dividends.

Happy househunti­ng!

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