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Olbia Tempio, Italy


I’ve always wanted to live on a vineyard. One, I think they’re beautiful things to look out over as they create a fantastic panorama. Two, I really like wine. And three, I really like wine. Maybe I should have written this before I started drinking … Anyway, I reckon living on a vineyard would be sweet. And if I’m going to do it, why not do it in Italy? This place in Olbia Tempio is stunning and has some interestin­g accommodat­ion to boot. There’s the threebedro­om manor house with a 90sqm cellar, there’s a shop from which I can flog my product and there’s also, as the online listing states, an “ancient refurbishe­d barn”. I’m not sure how old “ancient” is here, but I think it’s safe to say, conservati­vely, it’s at least a few million years old.

The farm already has three brand wines associated with it and produces 8060 bottles a year, but with some improvemen­t, that total could be increased to 15,000.

That still might not be enough.

Price not disclosed

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