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Waikiki, WA


I’m having a hard time working out if this is a hotel or a home I’m looking at. I mean, I’m told it’s definitely a home, but from looking at that indoor pool, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were at some fancy, albeit a little ostentatio­us, resort. I think indoor pools can be great, if they’re enclosed like the one at Medindie on today’s front cover, but even Stevie Wonder can see that with this design, try as you might to avoid it, your entire house is going to smell like chlorine. There’s no way around that. You know that overpoweri­ng smell when you walk through the front door of the aquatic centres at Marion or North Adelaide? Welcome home!

Yeah, nah, I can do without that, if I’m honest. It’s not really for me, but that cellar is! With storage for 3000 bottles, there’s plenty of room for me to really space out the few dozen bottles I own.

Because, I’ve read, letting a wine breathe really brings out its flavours.

I’ll see myself out …

Price not disclosed

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