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Aquitaine, France


OK, so I haven’t been sent any pictures of the inside of this French place.

Usually when an agent does this it’s because the home presents alright from the outside but inside it’s a dog’s breakfast. Like, proper terrible. A place that can only bring misery and sadness, and any effort to mask the disaster that it was in the first place through renovation would be like putting lipstick on a pig or covering a dead Christmas tree in hundreds and thousands.

This place isn’t like that. This place is stunning inside. If it weren’t I’d be able to make a joke like “even that sad horse looks like it doesn’t want to live there.” But I can’t, even though that sad horse looks like it doesn’t want to live there. It’s probably only miserable because it’s not allowed in the house to enjoy the six bedrooms, gym room, games room, swimming pool, fireplaces and stunning period features.

It does get to enjoy, however, 24ha of idyllic surrounds, a gorgeous barn, renowned stables and a 0.5ha heartshape­d lake. Which makes me think this horse really has no reason to be sad – the owner has gone out of its way to give it a good life, maybe it should just stop being so fussy.

Sort yourself out, horse.

You don’t have it so bad.

Price not disclosed

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