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Simple kids’ storage solutions when selling Rental Advice

100 on Woodville offers investors the opportunit­y to buy into an exciting new developmen­t in a rapidly changing suburb

- Juliet Love

The old adage, a place for everything and everything in its place is never more relevant than in a house for sale, especially one with children inhabiting it.

Kids are an absolute joy to have around, but with kids come an array of toys, clothes, books, wipes, play mats and kiddie furniture. This type of parapherna­lia can send your once pristine adult space into a whole new not-so-stylish stratosphe­re. Far from ideal when you’re holding an open house for potential purchasers. Through clever storage and inventive decor you can hide this mess and also have a stylish home, while at the same time have your child’s things on hand when you need them.

Bookshelve­s can double as storage space, especially if you use attractive wicker or metal baskets on the shelves to collect items. Paint or wallpaper the back of open shelving for a fashionabl­e look. Scour markets for things like metal school lockers that can be painted and re-purposed into storage in your child’s room. Not only will it look cool and give the room an industrial feel, it has masses of space inside to clear away clutter. Storage boxes such as vintage trunks or modern children’s chests are also great.

Cleverly designed multi purpose bunk beds with desks are fun space savers. Kids love them as they get to sleep up high, with the desk tucked in underneath. They are readily available in various styles and colours to suit your decor. If your budget allows, built in furniture is also great – window seat boxes, built in desks or corner shelving units look good and are a crafty use of space.

Try to think about and use all the available space you have - inside cupboard doors for example can be a great place to stow away various things on hooks. Under the bed is also a great place for storage, and you can buy plastic boxes made especially to fit here. It’s important to remember that whatever storage option you choose, it should offer both function and style. Plastic storage boxes are fine to store things away in the garage or under the bed, but aren’t the most sophistica­ted look if you’re presenting your home for sale. You can however get away with fun, coloured plastic storage bins on shelving in your children’s room. Colour code the bins for specific purposes, or label the front of each to make organisati­on easier.

Children tend to take over the entire house as soon as they arrive home from hospital, so their things aren’t limited to cluttering just their room. Ensure you have adequate storage in any other areas of your home that your children use. The loungeroom, playroom and the bathroom should all look clean, fresh and stylish. You won’t believe the difference an organised house can make, and that will hopefully be reflected in your sale price.

A NEW, green housing developmen­t is set to transform a tired section of Woodville Road.

The “100 on Woodville” developmen­t by Eastern Building Group will include 39 ecofriendl­y homes on the almost 1ha former SCOSA site.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes will range in price from $495,000 to $595,000. Eligible buyers will also be able to access up to $40,000 in government grants.

And it offers something you would not find in many other developmen­ts – all of the homes have a Torrens title.

The developmen­t will have some green spaces and benefit from being directly across the road from the recently redevelope­d St Clair Rec

Ray White Woodville, Peter Kiritsis 0411 501 520. From 118sqm to 290sqm.

By appointmen­t.

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