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Tarraleah, Tasmania


I’m a massive fan of Aussie comedy duo Lano and Woodley – they were the act that turned me on to comedy back when I was a kid. Anyway, they have this joke where Colin tells Frank: “If you were to take every village idiot from every village in the world, and place them into the one village, you would be that village's village idiot.”

It’s a great joke and something I’ve strongly considered – starting my own village of village idiots. But it’s hard to find the right property these days. Then this place comes along my desk and now I think, you know what, maybe it’s time. I’m talking about Tarraleah in Tasmania. It’s a former hydro town in Tassie’s Central Highlands and offers a 90ha residentia­l opportunit­y. With some houses already in place, multiple restaurant­s and a trout-stocked lake, it gives you the opportunit­y to come in and develop residentia­l blocks up to 1000sqm and really take it to the next level. If you know any potential tenants I should consider, by all means, send me an email.

$11 million

 ??  ??

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