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There’s always been b a school of thought that you shouldn’t sell during the Fringe festival. “Why would peo people walk through your home when they can walk through the Garden of Unearthly Deligh Delights? There’s just too much on, and buy buying homes is the last thing on anyone’s mind.” Well, anybody who has been paying att attention to the market over the past fe few weeks would realise that’s certa certainly not the case. Buyers are out there in force, they’re throwing huge amounts of m money at homes and – shy of a major disaster, a sudden and unexpected interest rate rise, or severe clamping down on lending by banks – they don’t look like changing their ways any time soon. Being someone who can rarely make up his mind, I’ve always identified w with the little girl from the Old El Paso ads – “Why not both?” That seems to be the mindset of buyers at the m moment who are proving – as those cluey have always known – yo you can indeed househunt and enjoy the perks of festival season at the same time. You can have your cake and eat it too. Hou Househunte­rs are! And for those who have ha been fortunate enough to buy buy, that success tastes sweet. Happy househunti­ng!

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