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Santa Barbara, US


Here’s what a lifetime in hamburgers and thick shakes can get you. Or, to be more precise, here’s what developing the world’s most successful fast food corporatio­n can get you.

Located in California’s Santa Ynez Valley, near Santa Barbara, this prime patch of US dirt is the former J&R Double Arch Ranch once owned by Ray Kroc, the big cheese behind the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

A one-time milkshake mixer salesman – who was portrayed by Michael Keaton in the 2016 film The Founder – Kroc bought this 224ha property in 1966, soon after McDonald’s went public. While it was purchased as a retreat, he reportedly also used it as something of a “think-tank” with many longstandi­ng menu items – such as the McRib and the Egg McMuffin – created in the ranch’s commercial kitchen.

So, while there doesn’t appear to be any golden arches, there is plenty here to whet your appetite. The property’s main lodge has more than 20 bedroom suites and a dining room that can seat up to 100 guests, presumably to enjoy as many Quarter Pounders and Cheeseburg­ers as can be served up. The “Founder’s Building” boasts a library, two two bedroom suites, offices and – perhaps importantl­y – a full gym. Maybe the only question left is: “Would I like fries with that?”

Price: $37.6 million

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