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AN­DREW ZUCKERMAN FACED many chal­lenges pro­duc­ing the sharp, luminous im­ages for his stun­ning book Bird, not the least of them pho­tograph­ing an An­dean con­dor in flight with its full 3.35m wing­span. But the real trick in pho­tograph­ing the 168 im­ages across al­most 300 pages was to pro­duce what the New York-based pho­tog­ra­pher calls equiv­a­lence. “When you see some­thing in the world and want to make art out of it, the chal­lenge is to make some­thing that is not a copy of the thing but some­thing that evokes the same feel­ing as the thing,” he says. “This is es­pe­cially chal­leng­ing in photograph­y since you’re mak­ing a di­rect rep­re­sen­ta­tion of what’s in front of you.”

Shot against a white back­ground, his bird im­ages cap­ture the most in­tri­cate, in­ti­mate de­tails – from the tini­est feathers and the sharpest talons, to the hairy eye­brows of some of the sub­jects.

Zuckerman has been pho­tograph­ing things since be­fore he can re­mem­ber, but the lo­gis­tics of this work had spe­cial dif­fi­cul­ties. “It’s al­ways a chal­lenge to pho­to­graph sub­jects that do not lis­ten to di­rec­tion,” he notes drily. But he’s not put off: one of his next projects is a book of en­dan­gered species. Im­ages from Bird by An­drew Zuckerman, pub­lished by Ha­chette Aus­tralia, $90.

African fish ea­gle, above left, and ch­est­nut-mandibled tou­can, right.

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