The Advertiser - SA Weekend - - OPENERS - BY MARTY SMITH

1 Which coun­try has the long­est coast­line? 2 Croweater is a col­lo­quial name for some­one from which Aus­tralian state? 3 Which coun­try’s na­tional air­line is Al­i­talia? 4 What colour was the dress worn by Chris Judd’s girl­friend, Re­becca Twigley, at the 2004 Brown­low Medal pre­sen­ta­tion? 5 Which sport is the US’s na­tional pas­time? 6 What was the na­tion­al­ity of ac­tor Sarah Bern­hardt? 7 Who was the founder of Don­ald Duck’s home town of Duck­burg? 8 How did Is­raeli Prime Min­is­ter Yitzhak Rabin die in 1995? 9 How many sides does an icosagon have? 10 What was the only ma­jor sea bat­tle of World War I? 11 Wrin­kles at the outer cor­ner of the eye are called what kind of feet? 12 King’s Town was a for­mer name of which NSW city? 13 Name the fa­mous English di­arist who lived from 1633-1703. 14 Ojos del Sal­ado, the world’s high­est vol­cano, is in which con­ti­nent? 15 Is a gelada a hairy ba­boon, an Ital­ian ice cream or a de­vice for draw­ing spi­rals? 16 Who was Eng­land’s Vir­gin Queen? 17 Name the pet chim­panzee of Elly May Clam­pett in the TV com­edy se­ries The Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies. 18 Who de­vel­oped the po­lio vac­cine? 19 Which of the fol­low­ing is not a prime num­ber – 17, 61, 71, 97 or 123? 20 What be­came the 50th US state in 1959? 21 Who won the Aus­tralian Open golf cham­pi­onship on De­cem­ber 6? 22 A kiwi is a flight­less bird – true or false? 23 How many wheels on a quadri­cy­cle? 24 What is the sec­ond-largest con­ti­nent? 25 Who wrote the opera The Magic Flute? 26 Prover­bially, all what lead to Rome? 27 What was the nick­name of gang­ster Frank de Marco (Alec Bald­win) in the 1988 film Mar­ried to the Mob? 28 What in­stru­ment did Span­ish clas­si­cal mu­si­cian An­dres Se­govia play? 29 Rick­ets is a child­hood dis­ease or­di­nar­ily caused by the lack of which vi­ta­min? 30 Which for­mer politi­cian was the 21st Gov­er­nor-Gen­eral from 1989-1996? 31 From 1963-69, who was the 36th US pres­i­dent? 32 What is “a mon­key on one’s back”? 33 Which US state’s cap­tial is Prov­i­dence? 34 Which coun­try won the most gold medals at the Bei­jing Olympic Games? 35 What is tachy­car­dia? 36 In Ro­man mythol­ogy, who was the mes­sen­ger of the gods? 37 Pierre Trudeau was a prime min­is­ter of which coun­try? 38 In which year did the Pil­grim Fathers land in North Amer­ica? 39 Which was the first coun­try to give na­tional vot­ing rights to women? 40 What is di­aphore­sis? 41 What is rigor mor­tis? 42 Who was the voice of the male pen­guin Mem­phis in the 2006 film Happy Feet? 43 What was the first name of Miss Brahms in the TV se­ries Are You Be­ing Served? 44 What is tasseog­ra­phy? 45 Name the first bowler in Test cricket to take 700 wick­ets. 46 Ac­cord­ing to the Ox­ford Con­cise English Dic­tio­nary, what is the study of liv­ing or­gan­isms? 47 Name the toy sheep of Balki Bar­toko­mous in the TV com­edy Per­fect Strangers. 48 Which day in a four-day golf tour­na­ment is some­times called “mov­ing day”? 49 Which con­ti­nent has the high­est av­er­age el­e­va­tion? 50 What is the cap­i­tal of New Zealand?

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