The Advertiser - SA Weekend - - OPENERS - BY MARTY SMITH

1 Who painted the Mona Lisa? 2 What na­tion­al­ity was Pope John Paul II? 3 Who sang the 2008 hit I Kissed a Girl? 4 What does the ex­pres­sion “make hay while the sun shines” mean? 5 To whom is me­dia mag­nate Ru­pert Mur­doch mar­ried? 6 Ac­cord­ing to pop­u­lar su­per­sti­tion, which day of the week is un­lucky? 7 In Norse mythol­ogy, who was the god of mis­chief? 8 Who wrote To Kill a Mock­ing­bird? 9 What was the name of Casper the Friendly Ghost’s horse? 10 In which year did Shane Warne play his first Test cricket match for Aus­tralia? 11 When did Ap­ple launch its first iPod? 12 In which Aus­tralian cap­i­tal city is Ea­gle Farm race­course? 13 What is an ushanka? 14 A screw­driver is a cock­tail made from vodka and what kind of juice? 15 Name the calf that Mitch Rob­bins (Billy Crys­tal) helps de­liver in the 1991 film City Slick­ers. 16 What was the last gas to be liq­ue­fied? 17 In which year was the Bat­tle of Hast­ings? 18 Prover­bially, which fruit tastes the sweet­est? 19 In which coun­try is the city of Dres­den? 20 Com­plete the ti­tle of this chil­dren’s board game – Snakes and . . . 21 Name the first ac­tor to play Doc­tor Who. 22 Name the flam­boy­ant US pi­anist who lived from 1919-87. 23 What is the cap­i­tal of the African king­dom of Morocco? 24 What is a grilse? 25 In which US state was the tele­vi­sion se­ries The Wal­tons set? 26 What does a plan­go­nol­o­gist col­lect? 27 Name the long­est-serv­ing US pres­i­dent. 28 How many wings does a bee have? 29 What is the largest coun­try on the Ibe­rian Penin­sula? 30 In which coun­try is the Suzuka motorsport race track? 31 Who wrote the Harry Pot­ter books? 32 What kind of book is a ro­man à clef? 33 In which cal­en­dar is Ra­jab the sev­enth month of the year? 34 Name the lines drawn on charts link­ing points of equal baro­met­ric pres­sure. 35 How many days are in the month of Au­gust? 36 Pret­zel was the orig­i­nal name of which game of phys­i­cal skill? 37 Name the Jewish money­len­der in Shake­speare’s play The Mer­chant of Venice. 38 What is the long­est river wholly in Eng­land? 39 Morello is a va­ri­ety of what type of fruit? 40 In ten-pin bowl­ing, a turkey is how many strikes in a row dur­ing a sin­gle game? 41 In which year did colour tele­vi­sion start in Aus­tralia? 42 Which coun­try has been called the “Switzer­land of the Mid­dle East”? 43 How long is “a month of Sun­days”? 44 What was the nick­name of the un­known mur­derer of a num­ber of pros­ti­tutes in Lon­don in 1888-89? 45 To which ship­ping line did the Ti­tanic be­long? 46 Which or­gans con­trol the amount of salt and wa­ter in the blood? 47 Which horse won the 1979 Mel­bourne Cup? 48 How many points is the let­ter Z worth in Scrab­ble? 49 In Greek mythol­ogy, what form did the god Zeus take to se­duce Leda? 50 What was the nick­name of King Louis XIV of France? An­swers page 42.

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