The Advertiser - SA Weekend - - OPENERS - BY MARTY SMITH

4 1 In which city were the first mod­ern Olympic Games held in 1896? 2 In the fairy­tale Jack and the Beanstalk, what does Jack ex­change for magic beans? 3 US singer J.P. Richardson was bet­ter known by what name? 5 On which planet can the Great Dark Spot be found? 6 Name the rac­coon friend of the ti­tle char­ac­ter in the 1995 Dis­ney an­i­mated film Poc­a­hon­tas. 7 What does the Latin phrase “cum grano salis” mean? 8 What is Shake­speare’s long­est play? 9 How many days are in the last four months of the year? 10 In which coun­try did women first gain the right 18 Who was the Greek god of love? 19 Which Scot­tish poet was known as the Bard of Ayr­shire? 20 Who is Pres­i­dent of France? 21 What does the ex­pres­sion “bat the breeze” mean? 22 Who was the Lone Ranger’s side­kick? 23 In which year was the Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test first held – 1946, 1956 or 1966? 24 Phe­nol is also called what kind of acid? 25 Co­ra­zon Aquino was pres­i­dent of which coun­try from 1986-92? 26 Which African coun­try was once called Nyasa­land? 27 What is cunc­ta­tion? 28 Which bird lays the largest egg? 36 What does the mu­si­cal di­rec­tion “maestoso” mean? 37 What is a Dutch treat? 38 How many min­utes are in a day? 39 No­body Does It Bet­ter is the theme song of which James Bond film? 40 In which year was Ed­die McGuire first elected pres­i­dent of the Colling­wood Foot­ball Club? 41 In which Syd­ney sub­urb did Aus­tralia’s worst rail dis­as­ter oc­cur in 1977? 42 Who is South Aus­tralia’s Ur­ban Devel­op­ment and Plan­ning Min­is­ter? 43 In the Dis­ney an­i­mated film Snow White and

the Seven Dwarfs, name the only dwarf that does not have a beard. 44 How many legs has a lob­ster?

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