4 Elin Norde­gren is the for­mer wife of which high-pro­file golfer?

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to vote in 1893?

11 The ad­jec­tive “aquiline” ap­plies to which bird? 12 Why did English di­arist Sa­muel Pepys stop writ­ing his fa­mous jour­nal? 13 What na­tion­al­ity is Erno Ru­bik, in­ven­tor of the in­fu­ri­at­ingly tricky cube which bears his name? 14 What is hip­popho­bia? 15 Who wrote the book The Catcher in the Rye? 16 On which day of the week is a gen­eral elec­tion tra­di­tion­ally held in Aus­tralia? 17 What is the south­ern­most Scan­di­na­vian coun­try? 29 What was Maxwell Smart’s se­cret agent num­ber in the tele­vi­sion sit­u­a­tion com­edy se­ries Get Smart? 30 A sild is a young what? 31 Who wrote the book The Wind in the Wil­lows? 32 Bob Kat­ter is the in­de­pen­dent mem­ber for which fed­eral Queens­land elec­torate? 33 What was the sur­name of the ti­tle char­ac­ter, played by Mel Gib­son, in the Mad Max films? 34 By def­i­ni­tion, what does the Nullar­bor Plain lack? 35 Which coun­try won soc­cer’s World Cup in 1970? 45 Mt Lo­gan is the high­est peak in which coun­try? 46 The Dum­bar­ton Oaks con­fer­ence in 1944 led to the for­ma­tion of what? 47 In which city is the Folies Berg­ere the­atre? 48 What is the colour of the cross on the na­tional flag of Switzer­land? 49 Who was the found­ing edi­tor of the Aus­tralian mag­a­zine Cleo? 50 In which Aus­tralian state is the town of Mar­ble Bar?

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