7 What is the name of the fe­male re­pro­duc­tive part of a flower?

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13 Which med­i­cal term comes from the Latin for “I shall please”? 14 Name the kook­aburra that was one of three mas­cots of the 2000 Olympic Games in Syd­ney 15 In which year dur­ing World War II did the Ja­panese raid Dar­win Har­bour from the air? 16 Which Ger­man vil­lage is fa­mous for a pas­sion play per­formed ev­ery 10 years? 17 What type of an­i­mal is a palomino? 18 Which city in NSW is col­lo­qui­ally known as the Gong? 19 What is the more com­mon name of in­fec­tious mononu­cle­o­sis? 30 Which coun­try is the world’s largest ex­porter of wool?

31 What is the cap­i­tal of the US state of Ok­la­homa?

32 Peter­house, founded in 1284, is the old­est col­lege at which Bri­tish uni­ver­sity?

33 What does the ex­pres­sion “one in a mil­lion” mean?

34 The song You’ll Never Walk Alone comes from which Rodgers and Ham­mer­stein mu­si­cal?

35 Who played stu­dent Nick Pou­los in the Aus­tralian tele­vi­sion se­ries Heart­break High?

36 In which ocean are the Mid­way Is­lands? Sheep comes from which 1954 film? 45 Who was the Bri­tish ac­tor whose niece was once artis­tic di­rec­tor of the Aus­tralian Bal­let?

46 With which meat is ap­ple sauce usu­ally served? 47 What kind of per­son is a mouse potato? 48 Who com­posed the opera The Rake’s Progress? 49 In bal­let, what is an en­trechat? 50 What does the ex­pres­sion “grease some­one’s palm” mean?

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