In which year was Sesame Street first seen on US tele­vi­sion - 1969, 1979 or 1989?

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On which Fi­jian is­land is the cap­i­tal Suva? Which an­i­mal is the sym­bol of the Repub­li­can Party in the US?

What was the home planet of the ti­tle char­ac­ter in the tele­vi­sion sit­u­a­tion com­edy se­ries ALF?

Which coun­try has the Olympics ab­bre­vi­a­tion MLT?

Be­gin­ning in 1999, how many suc­ces­sive wins did US cy­clist Lance Arm­strong have in the Tour de France?

What is the col­lec­tive noun for a group of lions? cam­paigns for the re­lease of pris­on­ers of con­science? What is the cap­i­tal of Hawaii? What was the co­de­name of fighter pi­lot Jimmy Wilder (Harry Con­nick Jr) in the 1996 film In­de­pen­dence Day? 29 The ma­jor­ity of taxis in Mel­bourne are what colour?

Who was Aus­tralia’s for­eign af­fairs min­is­ter from 1996-2007? In golf, what is a birdie? Cen­tral Park is the tallest build­ing in which Aus­tralian cap­i­tal city? Ken­tucky Derby each May? 43 Which city will host the 2012 Olympic Games? 44 Who di­rected the 1993 film The Pi­ano? 45 What is a nephogram? 46 “Who’s there?” is the first line of which play by Wil­liam Shake­speare?

Which coun­try is known as the Land of the White Ele­phant?

What na­tion­al­ity is No­bel Prize-win­ning author Gunter Grass? Who wrote the book Cap­tains Coura­geous? Po­dia is a plu­ral of which word?

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