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Wight tells saweek­end how he found him­self with an­other diver, Vicky Bon­wick, perched pre­car­i­ously on a ledge the size of a small kitchen ta­ble. They watched in horror as the roof be­gan nudg­ing down. “The in­ner work­ings of the cave had re­ar­ranged them­selves,” he says. “We were stuck be­tween the rag­ing wa­ter and an ever-di­min­ish­ing space be­tween the roof and us.”

They faced a dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion: stay put and hope the roof wouldn’t cave in be­fore res­cue ar­rived, or make a break for free­dom. The only way back out was to climb a rope through the jumble of rocks block­ing the en­trance – with the very real chance they could be crushed by rocks shift­ing as the wa­ter flooded in.

Af­ter five hours Wight de­cided to take his chances. “Vicky was cata­tonic, ac­cept­ing our fate,” he says. “I was more re­sis­tant and fi­nally said: ‘We’re go­ing to have to do some­thing.’ Run­ning for it, with the risk of be­ing skit­tled by a boul­der, is a bet­ter op­tion than let­ting the roof come down on our heads.”

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