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1 Who was de­posed as pres­i­dent of Uganda in 1979? 2 In the nurs­ery rhyme Lit­tle Boy Blue, where is the cow? 3 What is the Queen’s of­fi­cial London res­i­dence? 4 What is the ti­tle of US singer-song­writer Bruce Spring­steen’s new al­bum? 5 What is the sym­bol for the el­e­ment ar­senic? 6 In 2005, which US ac­tor said she would “rather die” than feed her daugh­ter in­stant soup? 7 Who was the Ro­man god of fire? 8 What kind of an­i­mal is the car­toon char­ac­ter Bull­win­kle? 9 The first UN Gen­eral Assem­bly was con­vened in which city in 1946? 10 Name the Bri­tish ocean liner tor­pe­doed by Ger­many off the Ir­ish coast in 1915 with a loss of 17 In which African coun­try are the Royal Palaces of Abomey? 18 What does the mu­si­cal di­rec­tion “presto” mean? 19 What did three peas­ant chil­dren re­port see­ing near Fa­tima, Por­tu­gal, in May 1917? 20 What is the cap­i­tal city of Swe­den? 21 What is Jupiter’s largest moon? 22 On what date did the Olympic Games open in Syd­ney? 23 Which two colours ap­pear on the na­tional flag of Fin­land? 24 Which dam is the largest source of Syd­ney’s water sup­ply? 25 In which US city was civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr shot to death in 1968? 26 What was the maiden name of Janette

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